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Latest Ministry Updates

Umdoni Project VLOG 16 – Progress

Today we see how the farm has changed since where we started. Our staff and students have been working very hard and we’re seeing a lot of fruit everywhere we look.

Bhutana Graduated!

In this video Bhutana Kunene, a once-carepoint kid, then SLA trained shepherd, then tertiary assistance beneficiary is sharing his past to present journey and future plans he has with the communities.

Family Strengthening in Eswatini

Strengthening families and equipping community leaders through practical training, innovation, and appropriate technologies is the next step for holistic transformation in Eswatini. When you give, you’re giving more than aid, you’re investing in strong families and resilient leaders.

Umdoni Project VLOG 15 – Tour of Umdoni

Take a short tour of the Umdoni Leadership Camus with Melinda Babb. At Umdoni, we train students to become God honoring holistic leaders who multiply their training by pouring into and training others. We drive leadership training with a focus on self-sustainability, skillset development and innovative thinking.

Umdoni Project VLOG 14 – Permaculture vs Agriculture for a Homestead

We think permaculture can bring immediate and long-lasting benefits for families. As we begin focusing on how to help strengthen families, we believe a shift in how families think about growing food can be a great start. In today’s video, William compares from his experience the differences between agriculture and permaculture for a small to medium sized Swazi homestead.

Umdoni Project VLOG 13 – Old into New

We love that we can train our students at Umdoni the value of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Today we’re focusing on the reusing part of the program as we’ll see some of our team’s innovations. William also introduces us to his multi-stage water recycling center where waste water is turned into plant usable water to get the most benefit of our water.

Thank you all for your continued prayers

Thank you all for your continued prayers with the current events. The Government of Eswatini issued a statement on June 29 that the country unrest has been “perpetuated by an unruly crowd where people have been attacked, property destroyed, businesses looted and public roads blocked.” This crowd is demanding democracy and seems to be targeting the king’s government buildings and property. However, many businesses have been destroyed.

Please pray for peace

Please continue to pray for Eswatini- riots and unrest are still affecting our staff, missionaries, and communities. Schools and CarePoints are closed for safety reasons and grocery stores are not stocked. There is currently martial law and 6pm curfew. Please pray for peace in the country and our hearts. May we trust the Lord even in this.
Umdoni New Students

Incoming Umdoni Student Interviews

We’re so excited to welcome our latest batch of students to the Umdoni Leadership Campus! We have ten incoming students from our CarePoints around the nation. We wanted to interview them so you could get to know them and encourage them as well. Nonduduzo Ndlela Nonduduzo joins us from the Ekudzeni region. She is a […]

Umdoni Project Vlog 12: Happy Birthday to our Vlog!

Our Umdoni Project Vlog is turning 1 year old! Let’s look at where we started and how our projects have changed over the last 12 months.