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Umdoni Project VLOG 14 – Permaculture vs Agriculture for a Homestead

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We love finding ways to bring resiliency to homesteads in Eswatini. We think permaculture can bring immediate and long-lasting benefits for families. As we begin focusing on how to help strengthen families, we believe a shift in how families think about growing food can be a great start. In today’s video, William compares from his experience the differences between agriculture and permaculture for a small to medium sized Swazi homestead. He also calculates the startup cost vs ongoing year over year costs, permaculture can have a huge impact for a family. This is important because up to 80% of Eswatini’s food is imported, rural families are at the mercy of local markets where price fluctuations are making food harder for families to afford. The final benefit of permaculture is that it’s actually less complicated, many families already have enough to start!

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Adventures Eswatini

Adventures Eswatini