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Umdoni Project VLOG 15 – Tour of Umdoni

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Take a short tour of the Umdoni Leadership Camus with Melinda Babb. At Umdoni, we train students to become God-honoring holistic leaders who multiply their training by pouring into and training others. We drive leadership training with a focus on self-sustainability, skillset development, and innovative thinking.

For the past two years, our dedicated Swazi staff and missionaries have pushed through the difficult times of the pandemic to continue teaching and training, often in open fields, under trees, or on porches. We are excited to invite you to join us in our prayers so you can be an active partner as we seek to strengthen families and communities in Eswatini.

Please pray for:

  • Establishing suitable places for teaching and training students.
  • Student and teacher unity, that we can be a family in Christ, not a program.
  • Vision and wisdom as we develop and implement training.
  • Advocates, especially from local authorities, businesses, and nonprofits.
  • God to continue graciously raising financial partners to join us in developing the campus, projects, programs, and students.
  • Umdoni to help many Swazis develop whole-life sustainability and find who they are through the loving embrace of Christ.
  • Please pray intentionally as you watch this tour of the farm. Beyond the developments and projects, what really excites us is what God is doing here through our teachers in the lives of our students!

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Adventures Eswatini

Adventures Eswatini