Real Life Transformation.

Children have become leaders. Self-sacrificing mothers feed thousands. Communities have hope again. God is moving, will you take part?

Let’s Transform Eswatini Together

Help Us Renew A Community

Make a long-term commitment

Gather a group or church that commits to have a long-term one-to-one connection with a community by funding a “CarePoint”. You provide long-term care, encouragement, and help the community crowdfund their dreams like a well, a playground, or a computer lab.

Connect on a personal level

We encourage partners to write frequently and visit your CarePoint yearly to make real lasting friendships with the children and adults of the community.

We’ll provide the healthy long term development.

When you’re not here, we provide holistic care for the children who regularly come to your CarePoint. We’ll host and attend community meetings to help you understand how you can best help. As the children grow, we provide programs that help them stay focused and achieve success in life.

Let’s make lasting change together

Be a Source of Hope

Your help enables local leaders to fight malnutrition, provide grief counseling, basic education, and basic medical care for thousands of vulnerable children.

Our CarePoints Provide:

  • 5+ meals a week per child

    We provide highly nutritious food for children.

  • Basic education & skills training

    We empower local leaders who grew up at the CarePoint to invest in their own communities.

  • Unique & powerful curriculum

    Built from the ground to serve Swazis in their greatest needs, our curriculum transforms children, giving them hope in the future.

  • Through and by the local community

    Projects start and end with the community’s say and best interests in mind.

Let’s Uplift the Nation Together

Help the Next Generation Rise Up

Servant leadership is the key to helping the next generation in Eswatini thrive. We’ve seen transformation after transformation, will you help us take it to the next level?

Sponsor a Leader’s Transformation