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Disability Outreach in Eswatini Communities

Labaligugu – Treasured Ones

Outreach to families with children with disabilities

Meaning “treasured ones,” Labaligugu serves the vulnerable population of disabled children and their caregivers. Due to cultural stigmas surrounding disabilities, these children often do not leave their homesteads or have opportunities to participate in the community. With 82% of individuals with disabilities in Eswatini living in rural areas, transportation and wheelchair accessibility create additional challenges to overcome.

We strive to show families that these children, made in the image of God, have value. Not only are we working to change long-term perceptions, but we are providing support to the families of children with disabilities both practically and holistically including home visits, transportation to therapy, and skill training for child development.

Changing Lives One Child at a Time


Events that bring life

In addition to our regular services, Labaligugu has hosts events called Guguletfu. These events celebrate children with disabilities as well as their caregivers who have extra responsibilities that come with raising a child with special needs. At these volunteer-staffed events, the children enjoy activities designed for them while parents and caregivers spend time with each other. Fellowship with other adults is a luxury for many of these caregivers, and an environment where both they and their children can thrive renews their hope for the future.

child with disability plays at guguletfu eswatini africa
disabled child plays eswatini africa

Help us make a difference

We have big dreams to help more children with disabilities to be safe. We want every child with a disability to know that they are loved and valuable.