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Sponsor a child,
support a family.

Provide a child with nutritious food, clean water and discipleship. Additionally, their family will be invited to take part in programs that strengthen the family unit, leading toward community transformation.

Benefits of Child Sponsorship through Adventures in Missions

When you sponsor a child through Adventures in Missions, you are supporting a family. Our program covers nutritious food, clean water, discipleship, and programs. Our approach has been to empower communities and our 15+ year track record speaks for itself.
Child sponsorship that changes lives
We’re Pioneering a Different Kind of Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship with family and long-term community support in mind.

Our vision for everything we do is to see transformed individuals for family and community transformation. Our mission is to see those transformed people transforming others through discipleship, asset-based community development, and a holistic approach toward addressing the complex issues of poverty. We believe that God has given each nation everything it needs to overcome the unique challenges it faces, our programs help encourage change and growth towards self-sufficiency. Jesus enables us to partner with Him in bringing His kingdom to earth, restoring families, communities and nations.