Eswatini Rising is owned and operated by Adventures in Missions

Covid-19 Updates

We recommend getting all covid related news from official sources. This page is intended to provide information about how our ministry is adjusting and adhering to local regulations. Our goal is to keep our staff, the communities they serve, and our partners as safe as possible.

Our Precautionary Measures


Currently we are not allowing teams of visitors to come and interact with our ministry in Eswatini without special permission. Please reach out to us for more information.

CarePoint Ministry

We are allowing limited gatherings at our CarePoints as the Eswatini Ministry of Health advises. We require each visitor to wear a mask, wash hands when entering, and to maintain required social distancing. Visitors are encouraged to remain only as long as required. Children coming for food are required to bring their own serving dish to limit contamination.


Our staff who are able to work from home should do so and limit travel unless required. We are allowing  limited gatherings as the Eswatini Ministry of Health advises. We require each staff member to wear a mask, to practice required social distancing, and to sanitize often. We regularly update staff on important developments and encourage limiting Covid-19 news to official trustworthy sources.