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CarePoints: Sponsorship and Support Locations

CarePoints give the community a voice and a platform to begin connecting and providing care and hope for disadvantaged families.

Safe places where kids can be kids again

support a child at our carepoints

We feed every child that comes

We feed every child that comes to any of our 39 CarePoints regardless of sponsorship or their participation in our programs. We abundantly provide nutritious vitamin-enriched meals and clean safe to drink water –which many vulnerable children may not have access to at home.

Safe places to learn and play

CarePoints also provide safe places to learn and play, access to healthy adult role models, merit based school scholarships, and access to music, sports, counseling, family strengthening programming and some vocational training.

Children are the future in Eswatini

We believe that children are the future of Eswatini and are actively making efforts to ensure that future is bright.

Staff from the community for the community

The Next Generation is Rising

Each CarePoint is overseen by a Shepherd: a trusted member of the community who has undergone significant leadership training who is empowered to be dedicated to the children in their care. Shepherds are assisted by staff in regional teams, local volunteers, including cooks, church leaders, members of the community who recognize the value the CarePoint.

Long-term Leadership Opportunities

As Shepherds grow and finish their training, they are eligible to apply for a dream fund scholarship to launch a small business or fund college expenses. Some shepherds who love our CarePoints have gone on to work full-time in small regional teams which forge strong bonds between Adventures Eswatini and our CarePoint communities.

Empowering young swazi leaders

Healthy Partnership Practices

Empowering community members to transform the community

Community-Driven Decision Making

Every CarePoint we operate has a committee. Community members placed on the board represent the cares and desires of the community and are part of the vision and future development planning for the CarePoint.

Community-to-Community Partnerships

We try to bring on board active churches or groups to build lasting relationships with a single CarePoint community. We encourage these partner communities to regularly visit, write letters, provide encouragement, prayer and more.  We help these partners fund projects that were planned by our community led CarePoint committees –projects that they believe will bring lasting value to the community.

How we Source Food for CarePoints

In order to thrive, you first have to survive.

For thousands of children in the Kingdom of Eswatini, there is no assurance that they will have food every day. The absence of this basic need means that they are at risk of malnutrition, frequent illness, and not performing well in school.

For every CarePoint, including ones without a supporter community, we provide vitamin-fortified food. We import 8-12 shipping containers of highly nutritious meals at a fraction of the cost it would take to purchase an equivalent locally. We do this so each child receives a balanced meal that contains protein, vitamins, and other healthy essentials that may otherwise be missing from their diet. For some, this may be their only meal of the day, but it’s one that will combat the effects of hunger and malnutrition. Our CarePoint staff often notice  improvement in the health of children who attend regularly.

Once this physical need is met, we are able to meet their emotional, educational, athletic, and spiritual needs as well. Children can build healthy relationships, have access to mentorship, perform better in school, and reach their full potential. It all starts with food.

support vulnerable children through sponsorship