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Education and Wellness

ACC Accredited Preschools

Building confidence through study

Some of our CarePoint communities have received investment to provide a high-quality accredited preschool for the local community. Young families get to send their children for free, while knowing that their child will receive a valuable preschool education. Our schools perform above the normal standards. Our graduates are prepared to succeed in first grade and beyond.

School Fee Assistance

Help for bright students

We actively invest in gifted children that come to our CarePoints. Children that are able to attend regularly and maintain good grades are able to apply for our High School Fee Assistance Program. Our program encourages children and families to participate at school and at the CarePoint for the benefit of the child. Children who do exceptionally well in school are often given scholarships for college to help launch these young leaders into their future.

Emotional Healing and Support

Ngesikhatsi – Time Heals

It’s an unfortunate reality that many of the children who come to our community centers called CarePoints have had significant trauma in their lives. Eswatini has the highest rate of HIV prevalance in the world, HIV combined with poverty has left many families in a painful situation. Often these children are grappling with the loss of an important figure or role model, their life forever changed. This is why we created Ngesikhatsi, which is siSwati for “Time heals”. Our CarePoint shepherds identify up to eight children per year to go through the program. The small-scale approach, allows our staff to go deep, making it our best rated CarePoint program. We almost always see amazing results in the children that graduate.

A young adult graduates from our grief counseling course, Ngesikhatsi, which was created in Eswatini to address the needs at our CarePoints.