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The Leadership Movement

Leadership Development Programs

The Next Generation is Rising

We’re building a leadership movement in Eswatini. It all starts with the Servant Leadership Academy, SLA. SLA is a four-year program for young promising Swati leaders. Apprentices begin an intensive full-emersion training program for several months away from family in Eswatini. After completing their first year of training, they either join Umdoni, or become a CarePoint Shepherd under the direction of an experienced mentor. Shepherds serve their community daily at CarePoints for the remaining three years of the program. Umdoni students serve at Umdoni for two years and then serve a community for year four.

Many SLA graduates become full-time Adventures Eswatini staff, entrepreneurs, and servant leaders in their communities. They are able to apply for a special grant program called the dream fund, which helps them go to college or launch an approved small business. 

SLA Logo

SLA Helps Transform Eswatini

In this video, Sebe our SLA Program Manager, SLA graduate, and dream fund recipient is explaining how the Servant Leadership Academy helps transform individuals and communities in Eswatini.

Dozens of Marked Individuals

SLA has been building a movement of forever changed servant leaders since its start in 2012. There have been so many impacted young adults, that it’s hard to know where to start sharing their stories so we made a playlist of their hearts, stories, and introductions as shepherds.

Umdoni Leadership Campus

The Umdoni campus seeks to create holistic servant leaders that are transformed to be a positive transformational catalyst for others in their communities.