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Family Strengthening in Eswatini

Strengthening families and equipping community leaders through practical training, innovation, and appropriate technologies is the next step for holistic transformation in Eswatini. When you give, you’re giving more than aid, you’re investing in strong families and resilient leaders.

Imagine giving families the ability to safely share their painful experiences instead of burying them. To be able to negotiate a better family life that suits each member of the family. Imagine parents that lovingly support their children through difficult seasons instead of dismissing or punishing them for simply speaking up.

We believe our Umdoni campus has vast potential to pour deeply into families to impact the communities we’re serving. We want to bring families, caregivers, and community members temporarily out of daily strife and into this safe learning environment. Exposing them to some of our best innovations that can richly impact their lives. Teaching them ways to connect on a healthy emotional level as a family unit.

For the past 17 years, Adventures in Missions has laid a solid foundation in Eswatini. We’ve strived to help kids to grow from the need for bare necessities to having hope and expectations of a full life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We’ve wanted to see kids having hope for their future, to grow out from abject poverty to become active contributors for their community.

Take a short tour of the Umdoni Leadership Camus with Melinda Babb. At Umdoni, we train students to become God-honoring holistic leaders who multiply their training by pouring into and training others. We drive leadership training with a focus on self-sustainability, skillset development, and innovative thinking.

We’re building on our foundations to strengthen families and to help bring more contributors into communities with our Umdoni campus. The unique environment we’re pioneering at Umdoni encourages rapid self-development, critical thinking, resiliency, acceptance of others, family and community enrichment, and a zero-waste mindset for business and daily living. We’re working to create God-honoring, holistic leaders who plant and nurture these concepts back in the community and beyond Eswatini’s borders.

This training environment has never been more needed than now. Eswatini is facing HIV, uncertainty from months of flash violence and political unrest, rampant poverty as well as magnified economic and health concerns from the Coronavirus pandemic. In spite of the challenges, we believe light shines brighter in the midst of darkness and pain. Strengthening families and equipping community leaders through practical training, innovation, and appropriate technologies is the vital next step for holistic transformation.

We believe that the conditions and timing are ripe for financial partners to bring tremendous value and change like never before in our history of working in Eswatini. Africa is yearning for servant leadership, your partnership can help bring hope and transformation on target, on time.

We’re so overwhelmed at the support and response from donors, thank you so much! This campaign was successfully fundraised but we still would love your help for making a positive impact in Eswatini.

Adventures Eswatini

Adventures Eswatini

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