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Music programs

We are hopeful

Bringing Hope Through Music

Sinelitsemba, our music ministry means “We are hopeful” in Siswati. For children who have faced loss and hardship, this program offers an opportunity to learn new skills, express their emotions, and experience through the emotional healing that comes from singing together.

African harmony group choir

Sinelitsemba has an African harmony group choir comprised of 36 members from 31 CarePoints across Eswatini.

Sinelitsemba fundraiser dinner

Changing lives through music

CarePoint Choir Competitions

Our CarePoint choir competition brings a lot of fun and joy each year as the children bring their best. We love getting to hear each CarePoint’s unique sound and hear the passion of the children who compete.

“We believe that music touches the soul and heals it, which not even doctors can do. Through music it is easy to identify how a child feels, as it gives expressions. Through the competition we have seen children discovering who they are and gaining their esteem back. It is our desire to serve God and others through our voices and be in community with everyone who listens to our message.”
Londiwe Dlamini, music ministry leader

Support Sinelitsemba

Music Matters

Our Music program Sinelitsemba provides hope for young adults at the community centers we serve. These children and teenagers are at a pivotal age where they begin to make life choices that will impact them and their families for years to come. You donation will help them choose a positive outlet to invest their time.