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We are grateful

We are so very grateful for each and every person who prays, advocates, gives, comes, and partners with us in Eswatini. Without your support, ministry wouldn’t be possible especially in many of the very remote communities we serve. We appreciate you and all you’ve done over the years, our hearts are full of gratitude. We thank God for you and for what He is doing in and through this collective ministry.

Umdoni Project Vlog 2: Student Quarantine

We have our first batch of students ready to go to leadership training, but first they must quarantine! William shows us where the students are living on the farm and how they are learning and growing during that time. Some of the audio has a lot of background noise we couldn’t avoid because of the environment, so please turn on subtitles/closed captioning. Watch to the end to see our special and unique way of providing a bit of security for the students.