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Umdoni Water Tower Project

Bheki Motsa, our country director speaks on how Umdoni fits in with the vision of the broader ministry and beyond.

Matt Gerber, our previous country director, is grateful and looking forward to a future that Umdoni can bring to the communities we serve in Eswatini. Matt is excited about the transformational possibilities sustainable appropriate technologies can bring when Swazis practice them at their homesteads. We’re continuing to see Swazis leading Swazis to bring lasting change.

William Mtsetfwa, our appropriate technologies specialist and trainer is passionate about using his creativity in service to students, friends, community members, and God. He is inspiring because he lives it, shocking integrity. Proof that we can import the thinking into a homestead. “Umdoni is hope for communities” William is such a force for good and positivity, he really lives to bring God’s kingdom to this earth.

Justice Khoza, our agricultural specialist, explains how agriculture brings sustainability and transformation in a way that can impact swazi homesteads. Umdoni is that place where we can welcome outsiders and marginalized to transform their nation for good. Where we lead from a heart of service and connection.

In 2004, when Adventures entered the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) for the first time, it was the epicenter of the worldwide HIV/AIDS pandemic. We found orphans and widows living in rural communities desperate for food and medical care.

This surviving generation of orphans is now the young leadership of a Kingdom in transition. Adventures is growing alongside them to bring whole-life sustainable living to hundreds of rural homesteads.

Adventures’ Umdoni Project is a 70-acre parcel of hardscrabble commercial farmland being converted into a center for sustainable agriculture and tourism. This project will train hundreds of young leaders and their families in holistic leadership skills that will bring spiritual and practical transformation to the neediest communities.

The Umdoni Project is making incremental progress. We’ve raised funds for several building projects and need to move forward with some critical infrastructure in order to lay a foundation for the continued progress of the vision.

The Water Tower is a 15,000-gallon elevated system providing gravity-fed water to the entire 70-acre farm. This is comparable to a municipal water system. The project will include connectivity to the existing well so upon completion it will be fully functional.

Thanks to all who have given toward this project! As of January 1, we have enough to purchase the water tower, but still need funds to complete the entire project – construction, plumbing, etc. Please consider sharing this project, praying for our team, or donating to help us cross the finish line!

Adventures Eswatini

Adventures Eswatini

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