Building for tomorrow


Community Gardens

We have two established and thriving community gardens where community members can rent a plot of plowed, irrigated land for growing food for their families and to generate income. Families wait on a waiting list and receive their first planting for free, if a family does well, they keep their access to the land another year.

This weekend our Community Garden harvested an amazing butternut squash crop- 10kg x 204 bags= 2,040 kg (almost 4,500 lbs!)

Posted by Adventures Swaziland on Sunday, March 10, 2019

CarePoint Gardens

We have plowed and irrigated gardens at some of our community centers where we use the garden to teach community members agricultural techniques, such as plant rotation. There is usually enough to sell, benefiting many in the community.

For-Profit Farm – On Hold

Our organization previously owned a for-profit farm where we provided fresh vegetables and raised livestock. Due to ongoing severe droughts, we have moved the livestock to a safe location in Nsoko, Eswatini, where they are now thriving again.


Marketplace – On Hold

In early 2018, we set up a marketplace for the community to sell 100% Swati handcrafted goods and fresh produce. Situated near a major freeway far from town and most shops, the marketplace is an ideal location for the community to reach and attract customers. The marketplace is also commission-free and maintained at no charge for community members.

The marketplace is still maintained and free for community use. We decided to invest into our community gardens to improve crop yields so that the marketplace will be more successful.


Renewable Energy

According to, less than one out of four rural Swati homesteads have electricity. Over 58,000 households are estimated to be without power. By the time many children return home from school, it is already dark, leaving them unable to do their homework or study for exams that can determine their future. This year, 15 homesteads received solar panels and lights. In addition, a future goal is to have more community centers 100% powered by sustainable solar energy.

Solar Light in Lesibovu Home

Can you imagine studying for exams by candlelight? Watch to see how some of our CarePoint kids now feel safer and can do their homework after dark… **Note: these kids received solar in 2016, not 2006- apologies for the typo!

Posted by Adventures Swaziland on Wednesday, November 28, 2018