The Next Generation is Rising

The Leadership Movement is a three-year program for promising Swati leaders. Apprentices begin at a full-emersion training program through Ambassadors of Hope in Eswatini or The Leadership Experience in South Africa. After completing their training, they become a CarePoint Shepherd under the direction of an experienced mentor.

Our graduates have become full-time AIM staff, entrepreneurs, and servant leaders in their communities.

Ambassadors of Hope

Ambassadors of Hope co-founders, Celimpilo and Tamara Vilane, were transformed by their time learning at The Leadership Experience. Now their purpose for life is to be a positive influence and to do anything they can to empower the lives of young people. Their 6 month program helps students develop a deeper spiritually maturity and leadership skills which they can utilize for the rest of their life.

Ambassadors of Hope’s mission is to bring out the best out of young people’s lives through discipleship. Co-founders Celimpilo and Tamara Vilane, were inspired by their time at The Leadership Experience in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa –where they met. They’re passionate about nurturing emotional and spiritually maturing young adults. They want to see them become Godly leaders.

The 8-month full-immersion servant leadership training program takes students through three stages: Discover, Develop, and Live Your Dream. On graduating, students receive certificates which prepare them for the journey of pursuing their dreams.

The Ambassadors of Hope has started their recruiting in December 2016 and reached full operation in April of 2017 and is currently helping students reach their potential. Many program graduates have started working as servant leaders at CarePoints in Nsoko.