Sport for Christ, Standing in the gap for the fatherless

Our sports program reach out to the young adults at our CarePoints, many of whom have experienced trauma and loss. They are longing for a mentor figure they can trust and confide in, our Life Coaches provide structure, friendship, and fun. Through active play, they’re able to breakthrough barriers quickly making learning natural and fun.

Life Coaches encourage children to make and keep commitments in order to live to a higher standard on and off the field. They also join the children and go on a local mission in their community, they know it’s not about telling the kids what to do, but showing them who to be.

Support Sport for Christ

Sport for Christ is our sport outreach ministry that serves the older children at our community centers in Eswatini Africa. Sport for Christ is a fundraised program that relies on help from people like you. If you are interested in donating to support our sports programs, please use the link below.

Change Through Play

Our sports program, Sport for Christ, tackles the growing problem of fatherlessness in Eswatini by providing mentorship for young adults at the community centers we serve. These boys and girls are at a very formative stage in their lives, please consider donating to benefit our sports programs so we can make a large and lasting impact.

Help Fund Our Sports Programs
Donations are made through, a US based non-profit. More information