Meeting basic needs is the first step

Education and health are foundational to acquiring a successful path in life; we are striving to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Building confidence through study

Five of our CarePoints have an accredited ACE preschool program for the youngest members of the community. An early focus on education and social skills prepares these children for success in school. Students who graduate from our ACE program are often requested by elementary schools and jump ahead in waiting lists because they have gained a reputation for preparedness and knowledge despite their young age.


255 Preschool Graduates
4 Preschools


365 Preschool Graduates
4 Preschools


380 Preschool Graduates
5 Preschools

School fees

Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, but for many Swati students, the costs of tuition, uniforms, and other expenses make it difficult to graduate or even attend high school.

Students who maintain grades above 70% are eligible for scholarships to pay their school fees. In 2017, 203 students had their tuition covered by the AIM scholarship fund.


203 High School Scholarships
450 School Supplies Distributed
350 School Uniforms Distributed


203 High School Scholarships
130 School Supplies Distributed
180 Backpacks Distributed

Healing through basic medical treatments

We have an in-house medical care office which is staffed by a Swati licensed nurse and social worker –we also have a licensed nurse and two EMTs from the United States currently on our staff. Our medical team also welcomes special guest speakers annually to facilitate medical training for the caregivers at our CarePoints. Our staff provides basic medical care and checkups on a regular basis. In the event of an emergency, our staff helps families save money by recommending which treatments are needed, what facility is best-suited to help, and if needed we will provide transportation for treatments.

Typical Month:

329 Checkups/Treatments
270 Parasitic Worm Treatments

Typical Year:

3,454 Checkups/Treatments
1-2 Medical Short-Term Teams

Emotional Healing and Support

Ngesitaksi Graduation
A child graduates from our grief counseling course, Ngesitaksi, which was created in Swaziland to address the needs at our CarePoints.

Many of these children who come to our community centers called CarePoints have had significant trauma in their lives. In the country with the highest rate of HIV, it is unfortunately common to lose a loved one close to you. Often with the loss of an important figure or role model, a child’s life can be forever changed. This is why we created Ngesitaksi, which is siSwati for “Time heals”. Our CarePoint shepherds identify up to eight students per year to go through the program. Despite the small-scale approach, it is our best rated program and we almost always see amazing results in the children that graduate.