Providing For Nearly 100 Families

Founded in 2006, Timbali Crafts currently supports over 100 women who volunteer their time cooking at the CarePoints. For many of these women, who are supporting children, grandchildren, and extended family members, this is their only source of income. Under the leadership of Julie Anderson, they learn valuable sewing skills and are paid for each product they complete. The earnings from one item can provide the equivalent to a day’s worth of wages from the average job in eSwatini.

“That is the heart behind Timbali Crafts: that we would see the Lord’s provision. Not just for the needs that are obvious (and extremely important!) like food, shelter, and education; but also for the deeper needs of the heart like love, acceptance, forgiveness, self-worth, joy, hope…all these things and more that are so perfectly found in Jesus Christ!”

-Julie Anderson, founder and director

Women who are part of Timbali Crafts have access to an interest-free loan program that allows them to purchase their own sewing machines, as well as a matching savings program for large expenses such as home repair and school fees.

The mission of Timbali is twofold, striving to meet not only the physical needs of these women and their families, but also the spiritual needs. They are provided with community, encouragement, and reassurance that God will provide for them.

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