Safe places where kids can be kids again

children eating together
These children come to eat nutritious meals, play, and to learn.

Over 7,000 children attend 40 CarePoints weekly in the Manzini and Nsoko regions. They are provided with a nutritious meal and clean water, which they may not have access to at home. In addition to fundamental needs, CarePoints provide a safe place to learn and play, healthy adult role models, school scholarships, and access to music, sports, counseling, and other programming.

Each CarePoint is overseen by a Shepherd: a trusted member of the community who has undergone leadership training and is dedicated to the children in their care. Shepherds are assisted by local volunteers, including cooks, church leaders, and other members of the community who recognize the value the CarePoint.

CarePoints are partnered with a supporter community invested in its long-term success. The additional funding from this partnership is what allows all of our programs to run. Currently, five of our CarePoints are awaiting long-term partnership, with children only receiving food at this time. If your church or organization wants to be part of improving the lives of vulnerable children in Eswatini, contact us.

Food at CarePoints

food packet
We are grateful to our partners who help us ship food into the country to maximize the nutritional content of each meal served.

In order to thrive, you first have to survive. For thousands of children in the Kingdom of Eswatini, there is no assurance that they will have food every day. The absence of this basic need means that they are at risk of malnutrition, frequent illness, and not performing well in school.

For every CarePoint, including ones without a supporter community, we import 8-12 shipping containers of highly nutritious meals at a fraction of the cost to purchase the meal locally. We do this so each child receives a nutritious meal that contains protein, vitamins, and other healthy essentials that may otherwise be missing from their diet. For some, this may be their only meal of the day, but it’s one that will combat the effects of hunger and malnutrition. Our CarePoint staff have noticed marked differences in health of these children since they began to regularly attend.

Once this physical need is met, we are able to meet their emotional and spiritual needs as well. Children can build healthy relationships, have access to mentorship, perform better in school, and reach their full potential. It all starts with food.

Special Friends

children eating together
We’re grateful for the many communities that spread hope and love to the children we serve.

Children’s HopeChest offers the opportunity to build a special bond with a child while providing for their needs through a monthly donation. You do not need to be affiliated with a supporter community or church to sponsor a child. In fact, three of our CarePoints are supported through a network of sponsors called a connect community. There are many children awaiting a special friend who will meet their needs, write, encourage, and pray for them on a monthly basis.