Interview with Xolani Ndwandwe

What is the biggest achievement ever since you came from LXP?

LXP is the The Leadership Experience in South Africa. LXP features an 11 month training program that helps our leaders stretch and grow.

Swazi Adventures in Missions Eswatini Staff Xolani Mkhathswa
Xolani Ndwandwe was a leader who helped train and build up other leaders within our ministry.

I went to the LXP leadership program in 2013 and it has been an opportunity for a lifetime to visit that place, as I went to that program a lot has happened in my life. I would love to thank the Lord for that opportunity because I am what I am today because of that program, the transformation the has been tremendous. I’m somebody who has been passionate about Christ, but before going there, I didn’t have that knowledge of conducting myself when I’m out in there world.

Sometimes when you preach the good news to people you forget about yourself, but now I know how to read the bible, preach, and apply it in my life -because It’s not a preaching book, but a transforming book.

When I look back where I come from it is such a community which is poor and broken, living with worldly desire. Not a bible-oriented community. Such that there was a lot of stealing, killing people, and people dying. Because they live life recklessly and for me at that time I was not bothering that much, I knew it was a problem but I didn’t involve myself to solve that.

But, after the transformation I had to sit down and reflect back on that and now in the community I have built relationships with [community] members with so much cooperation such that we will have something tangible to work on together. Because making change is not only about talking, but it’s about doing the change and transforming others -because of LXP. That has been the interesting part for me.

What is discipleship according to you?

It’s an interesting word, [discipleship] because it’s a broad word. According to me, it’s good news -and good news is only Jesus. It’s discipleship for me because you are discipling that person for the benefit of the gospel of Jesus, you want that person to go to heaven and have eternal life -because that’s the goal about transformation for me.

Discipleship is journeying with the individual through the aspects of Christian beliefs, it’s when you reveal the truth about the kingdom of God.

How do you make disciples?

There are many ways you can raise a disciples. For me, I have a passion for Christ and I love Jesus so much, and my life has never been the same like before. Because of the change I saw in me, I didn’t want to see it ending with me. I would love to pass it on to other individuals through actions and praying with them.

I decided to start a skill center for music to learn piano. I’m with three guys for now that I’m mentoring doing classes with my church instruments because we go to the same church with them but I haven’t closed the doors for people outside my church because that is not Godly. It’s my prayer that in the near future I would be having a lot of people joining us.

“Because making change is not only about talking, but it’s about doing the change and transforming others”

Xolani Ndwandwe, SLA Ministry Leader, 2018

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