Interview with Sebentile Mahlalela

How are you living the change you got from LXP?

LXP, or the Leadership Experience, is an 11 month intensive leadership development program. We send leaders there to stretch and grow them.

Swazi Staff Member Sebe
Sebe is a gifted leader who is serving in our Swazi Leadership Academy department where our discipleship and grief counseling curriculum is made. Her department also trains leaders to help them launch into their dreams.

I graduated in 2014 from being SLA Student. I’m living my life through applying the values and principles that I have learned, like changing my life into christian ways. At the moment I’m able to share the gospel, walk as the Gospel instructs me not to be easily troubled by things -through the knowledge I got as an SLA student.

Through these principles of charity, purity and transparency I have learned a lot of things. They were an eye opener for me such that I decided to live only for christ.

When I went to LXP my eyes were opened to new things and I have learned to live according to those things I learned because I believed there were plans of how God wants my life to be like such that now I know. I know whom I walk with, I’m not confused about my faith. I know what is good and bad.

what challenges have you faced while you do your calling or passion and how did you deal with that?

People when looking at me were feeling like I’m wasting time. “You were supposed to do something better than now.” But for me, the transformation that I got helped me, I got the courage with the fact that I know I’m going somewhere far and I will stand firm even if I’m going to work professionally I will go there with passion and love -not because I will be pleasing someone.

My calling is to disciple and model in other people according to God’s plan. That’s what I’m doing at the moment -and I love it. Because that’s my lifestyle of everyday living now.

“the transformation that I got helped me, because I got courage with the fact that I know I’m going somewhere far”

Sebe Mahlalela, SLA Ministry Leader, 2018

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