Interview with Sanele Motsa

How was your life changed after doing the Leadership Experience?

The Leadership Experience, also called XLP, is an 11 month intensive training program. We send many leaders to XLP every year to help them stretch and grow.

Eswatini Staff Sanele Motsa
Sanele is a CarePoint Shepherd at one of our CarePoints. He mentors children who come to get nutritious food, to play, and to get a basic education.

It is one of the best leadership courses because of what I learned about God, staying positive in everything i go through in life either good or bad and how to live my life better as a Christian when. when I went through the course I was broken spiritually it was like I have lost hope and my self-esteem was low and a lot of negative things were happening in his life.

when I was doing LXP I was taught the importance of understanding who God is and how to apply whatever the scripture is teaching us and I took all the teachings seriously and i wanted my life to be changed according to the plan of God. before doing Leadership course i was a christian but i didn’t know how to live my life better. At church I was shy and afraid to share about my faith yet I had something to say about my God but now since I did the course I’m free and share my faith joyously with smiling. Most of the time when I share how my life has been changed people want to hear more from me and they want to experience the same thing I feeling spiritual.

I glorify God in all these for showing his presence in me through the leadership experience. I like reading books but before I went to LXP I was reading all sort of kind of books without have to select if they are good or bad for my soul. But after I did LXP my perception was changed. I was taught that i have a right and choice to what comes in my mind through reading. I now choose what to feed my soul through reading. Because I now understand who I am in Christ. I read-only read Christian books he have a collection of that.

I’m now able to share my faith and changed life with children at the CarePoint, family, community members and at church

How are you planning to live your life after doing the leadership experience

After my graduation at LXP I want to live my life in a way that would glorify God. I only live to please God. for example at home, I do assist when I’m needed. I learned a lot about being a servant while doing the Leadership Experience. at home, I serve even when I feel tired I don’t rest until the job has been done. I serve my community and church without complaining and also I teach about God whenever I got a chance around the community. Because that’s what I feel I have been called to do.

“The Leadership Experience is the best leadership course I ever went through in the world”

Sanele Motsa, CarePoint Shepherd, 2018

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