Interview with Nqobile Dlamini

Where do you see yourself in the next five years in line with your transformation?

Eswatini Swazi Staff Nqobile
Nqobile was a CarePoint Shepherd serving at one of our CarePoints. Children come to our CarePoints to learn, eat, and play.

I’ve been three years working with AIM/CHC, knowing very well that I had been walking in this adventure with this organization. It has given me the opportunity to disciple kids and I now see myself reaching out to a large sum of youth and not only in my country even outside of the country of Swaziland, because I know that God is raising a mighty generation, and I know that is through Swaziland Leadership Academy and I have seen that we are capable of that. So through my capabilities, I have seen that I can walk with the youth, love them, be the mother and father, because most of the youth grew up without that in their lives.

Things change as times change, when I grew up I had a dream of being in Human Resources management because I have been enrolled before joining AIM/CHC. But now when I look at what God has called me I have discovered that he has called me into ministry as I have also discovered my gifts in ministry.

I believe I would be helping people solidifying their Christian core character in the Lord and also helping them see their future shining according to what God has for them as we know that He knows the future of our lives.

I definitely loved the idea of Mr. Scott Borg when sharing at staff meeting. He challenged us as Swazis to move away from our comfort zone, to the world of people who don’t know anything about the gospel and preach to them, spend time with them. So with me it can be something a little different in my life because the truth is here in Swaziland we only teach people who know christ and leave out those who are not used to the Gospel.

I know I will be the forefront because I have the zeal inside me that God has called me for such in ministry.

How are you willing to solve the issues of poverty in your community?

Well knowing that with my own strength there is nothing I can do alone, but with the Spirit of the Lord, I can move things, I can do greater things than what I think I’m capable of doing. For there is a scripture that says “let not the book of law depart from us” and I believe as people if we will stand firm on it we would be able to take away these issues of poverty because I believe poverty is in the mind.

I am for the idea of this vision of helping our communities through the things that we [already] have in the communities. Let us forget a bit about donors and think about living life without needing them, I believe that if people have the mentality of utilizing what they have at the moment. He can multiply it, as we know what happened in the bible when Jesus feed 5000 people with 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread.

“I have seen that I can walk with the youth, love them, be the mother and father, because most of the youth grew up without that in their lives.”

Nqobile Dlamini, CarePoint Shepherd, 2018

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