Interview with Luyanda Mpungose

“Trust is not easy, but I have managed to get hold of it and I’m doing all I can to better their lives.”

What has been your biggest achievement ever since you came to serve your community?

Ever since I came to my community, my biggest achievement was winning the hearts and the trust of the kids at the CarePoint (especially the younger ones, the small group leaders, and teenagers who went to the CarePoint with the intention of just to eat and go back home.) But ever since I came at the CarePoint, they have found somebody to trust and they share with me stories about their lives one-by-one, hoping I will help them and I try all my best to do that. They confide anything to me anytime; which is hard to do because it’s hard to trust someone in our days with the stories of their lives. Trust is not easy but I have managed to get hold of it and im doing all I can to better their lives.

What challenges do you face while doing your calling? How do you solve them?

It was hard to know the kids, it was hard knowing them personal because the kids were afraid of me and I had to come closer to them individually, ask their names and tell them who I am and I had to do that everyday. And for me, it was challenging and I overcame it by coming to their lowest level. For example, if I found them playing a game, I would join them and play. And the way I dress at the CarePoint: I will dress casual or the same way the kids would dress in order to be on their same level -coming to that level has helped me overcome that challenge.

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