Interview with Bheki Motsa

How are you living out the change you got from LXP?

LXP or the Leadership Experience, an 11 month program that helps leaders develop and stretch. We send upcoming leaders to LXP as part of a three year commitment.

Eswatini Staff Bheki Motsa
Bheki is our Senior Programs Manager, he has worked to build up many leaders in our ministry. He has a big heart for helping people realize and achieve their God given dreams.

One of the biggest things I have learned is to prioritize God, if i can sum up like that to make him on top of everything I do, living out that change in everything that I do I made sure I am faithful firstly to God and to myself so in everything that I do I am sure God gives the final stamp or approve even if people have different opinions about anything, but I do what God wants more than the will of man even my own desires because sometimes my own desires stand on the way. That’s the number one thing that I’m living out: to put God first, and I always acknowledge him even if I made a mistake in my life I made sure I address that with Him faithfully but saying these is not right before it comes out to man so he is the standard in my life.

Secondly, I always strive to be the example of what I stand for, I think it comes to people I become the example of what I’m talking about whether I teach to them or what I expect out of them I make sure I model that.

When I was at LXP, I had the desire to be transformed and I made sure while I was there that I used every time profitably. There would be times where I would feel like it’s too much, but I told myself that I’m here for change so I took it personal and if feel like I’m not benefitting I would have put the blame on myself because God gave me the opportunity to transform my life.

What is discipleship according to you and how can we raise disciples?

Discipleship is pointing someone to Christ through your life as an example not just with words, whatever you do with your life and nurturing people through the principles that Christ expects from us as human beings

We can raise disciples by first showing them whatsoever we need to see from them, to let them reflect on our own lives by allowing them to see how we live before we expect them to do or to follow that kind of lifestyle.

The way we raise disciples is to be patient with them, nurture them with the principles that Christ wants in our lives. I think we are so impatient as Christians to people we are leading to Christ, to real get deep into the life of that person just doing in my own terms and I would encourage to get step by step with them and take them where we want them to be and would see the fruits in their lives.

We need to be patient and have faith in their potential, because everybody has potential, but when you come with a negative attitude it won’t help because sometimes they will disappoint you but you have to believe in the potential -their potential that one day they would overcome their challenges that has made them to have faults along the way.

“One of the biggest things I have learned is to prioritize God, if I can sum it up like that, to make him on top of everything I do”

Bheki Motsa, Senior Manager Programs, 2018

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