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Swazi Staff Member Sebe

Interview with Sebentile Mahlalela

How are you living the change you got from LXP? LXP, or the Leadership Experience, is an 11 month intensive leadership development program. We send leaders there to stretch and grow them. I graduated in 2014 from being SLA Student. I’m living my life through applying the values and principles that I have learned, like […]

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Eswatini Staff Bheki Motsa

Interview with Bheki Motsa

How are you living out the change you got from LXP? LXP or the Leadership Experience, an 11 month program that helps leaders develop and stretch. We send upcoming leaders to LXP as part of a three year commitment. One of the biggest things I have learned is to prioritize God, if i can sum […]

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Eswatini Staff Sanele Motsa

Interview with Sanele Motsa

How was your life changed after doing the Leadership Experience? The Leadership Experience, also called XLP, is an 11 month intensive training program. We send many leaders to XLP every year to help them stretch and grow. It is one of the best leadership courses because of what I learned about God, staying positive in […]

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Swazi Adventures in Missions Eswatini Staff Colisilie

Interview with Colisile Vilakati

What’s your greatest achievement since you came to serve your community? Seeing the kids being transformed under my supervision. It’s amazing. For example, there was a child who was suffering from low self-esteem that contributed to her bullying other kids in order to find closure in her heart. She was making up stories about them […]

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Swazi Adventures in Missions Eswatini Staff Xolani Mkhathswa

Interview with Xolani Ndwandwe

What is the biggest achievement ever since you came from LXP? LXP is the The Leadership Experience in South Africa. LXP features an 11 month training program that helps our leaders stretch and grow. I went to the LXP leadership program in 2013 and it has been an opportunity for a lifetime to visit that […]

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Eswatini Swazi Staff Nqobile

Interview with Nqobile Dlamini

Where do you see yourself in the next five years in line with your transformation? I’ve been three years working with AIM/CHC, knowing very well that I had been walking in this adventure with this organization. It has given me the opportunity to disciple kids and I now see myself reaching out to a large […]

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