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Adventures in Missions

Adventures in Missions

Adventures in Missions is a Christian non-profit with a deep belief that the gospel is most approachable when presented with real hope for a better life. We want committed followers of Christ who take the gospel into their own communities.

Adventures in Missions Website

Children's HopeChest

Children’s HopeChest

We’re partnering with Children’s Hopechest, a Christian non-profit actively helping churches and communities build Christ-centered relationships with thousands of children in Eswatini and many other nations worldwide. Committed communities are vital to furthering Christ’s message of hope.

Children’s HopeChest Website

Food-Sourcing Partnerships

A Child's Hope International

A Child’s Hope International

A Child’s Hope International’s vision is to “motivate and mobilize the church and the community to care for the orphans in their distress.” They serve the needs of children in multiple countries including Eswatini. They long to “see each church wrap around at least one child using one of the four bridges of care: adoption, foster care, orphan care and humanitarian relief.” We deeply appreciate all of the help their food shipments bring to our organization and the country as a whole –Thank you!

A Child’s Hope International Website

Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children is a Christian non-profit organization that strives to reach everyone “until ALL are fed. This means reaching the hard-to-reach people and places, the ‘least of these.’ They will be found, and they will be fed.” They have been a wonderful partner and thier food shipments have made a huge difference for our organization and Eswatini at large. Thank you, Feed My Starving Children!

Feed My Starving Children Website

Kids Around the World

Kids Around the World

Kids Around the World partners with organizations to install playgrounds in poverty-stricken communities. Additionally, they work with volunteers to pack and distribute food around the world. We’ve been privileged to work with them as they send teams, playgrounds, and food to help the communities we serve –Thank you !

Kids Around the World

Leadership Development and Training Partners

FacingUP Support Services

facingUP Support Services

FacingUP Support Services, or FUSS, “aims to offer support to all young people who are experiencing or have suffered personal trauma associated with life changing losses/events from all communities, providing that it is in line with the constitution of FUSS”. FUSS has been instrumental in the development of curriculum used at our community centers, as well as training and discipling our staff. We couldn’t be more thankful for our partnership with FUSS!

FacingUP Support Services’ Website

The Leadership Experience

The Leadership Experience

The Leadership Experience, or LXP, is a total immersion 11-month cross-cultural servant leadership development program. LXP was designed for “young adults who come primarily from Southern Africa and/or have a passion for long-term impact on the African continent. With an emphasis on experiential learning, students in the program are challenged to think critically and to grow in their understanding of leadership as revealed in the scriptures. LXP is designed to impact and reshape some of the current leadership trends in Africa. As such, our students become student volunteers—learning as well as serving during their time at LXP.”

The Leadership Experience Website

Ambassadors of Hope

Ambassadors of Hope

Ambassadors of Hope is a full-immersion 11-month servant leadership development program in the Kingdom of Eswatini. Started in 2017, they aim to impact the lives of young future leaders by equiping them to live out their dreams.

Ambassadors of Hope on Facebook

Catalyist Swaziland

Catalyst Swaziland

Catalyst Swaziland serves, trains, and supports our staff regularly. Their services are invaluable, providing an extra layer of support we’re very thankful for.

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Education and Wellness Partners

Children's Cup

Children’s Cup

Children’s Cup’s vision is that every child will be a whole child. They work to “equip local churches to transform communities through holistic child development”. Children’s Cup has been a wonderful partner in Eswatini helping with curriculum and at our combined Guguletfu disability outreach events -thank you, Children’s Cup!

Children’s Cup Website

Pour International

Pour International

Pour International facilitates and operates Timbali Crafts, which provides a living wage for 100 women who also serve at our CarePoints. Additionally, in 2017 Pour International started a baby home near our Mpaka CarePoint, providing many jobs and caring for orphans. Their services are invaluable, providing an extra layer of support to our ministry and Eswatini as a whole, we’re very grateful for them.

Pour International Website


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To all our other partners

Thank you to the many churches, connect groups, and organizations that contribute so much every year. WE WOULD NOT BE WHERE WE ARE TODAY WITHOUT YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT. Thank you to all of our partners!