Why Eswatini?

We believe that God has special place in his heart for the people living in the Kingdom of Eswatini. We’re here to help people see God’s heart for them and to help uplift their communities where possible.

Kingdom of Eswatini Statistics

Eswatini has the world’s highest infection rate of HIV at 28 percent –affecting over 360,000 of the 1.3 million Swazis in the country. The nation recently experienced the worst drought in the last 100 years –during which, food insecurity was facing one-in-three Swazis. With a life expectancy of 49 years and poor employment opportunities, Eswatini needs help to ensure the next generation can be effective leaders.

1,300,000 Total Population
309,000 Children
87,000 Orphans
220,000 Living with HIV
684,936 In Extreme Poverty

UNICEF The State of the World’s Children Report 2017, 120,000 Orphans UNICEF (2012)
Total Orphans – http://data.africanchildinfo.net/ejmodyf/orphans
Extreme Poverty – CIA based off 2010 est. population living below intl. poverty line

Our Vision and Mission

We build up servant leaders who lead by example. These leaders go into their communities and become the change they want to see.

Our vision is to see Transformed People transforming communities through discipleship, asset-based community development, and a holistic approach toward addressing the complex issues of poverty. As the people we train see their lives transformed, they’ll respectfully seek to see that change happen in others. We don’t want to provide aid, we want to start a movement of people who help each other and their communities without motive.

Longterm, we would like to see Eswatini become a leadership training ground to the surrounding nations and more. We aim to help people get a solid foundation so they can confidently walk into their next step in their journey –whether that means business, ministry, or missions.

What We Do in Eswatini

We tend to each child holistically for survival, community, education, and future employment. Encouraging them to maintain a focus on sustainability, discipleship, leadership, independence, and long-term self-sufficiency. We also help transform the lives of the partners through exposure, education, relationships, and service.


Empowered local leaders share the gospel, disciple, and help create self-sufficiency for every child. Our local leaders are hand selected from our CarePoints, where we often see teenagers who are natural leaders. We work with these young adults and their families to create opportunities for them though a program called the Swazi Leadership Academy.


Encouraging partners to directly engage in healthy international development practices using asset-based development plans. Our development plans are created with active involvement with the broader community through open community meetings and active discussions with community leaders.


Our strategic partnerships help implement, fund, and manage leadership development and sustainability in Eswatini communities.


We address the complex causes of poverty, including material, spiritual, emotional, social, economic, and educational needs.